Benefits of Natural Handcrafted Soap

unique detergent free handcrafted soaps

There are many benefits of natural handcrafted soaps, being as kind to your skin as they are to the environment is probably one of the most important.

We only create detergent free soap.  With all our products being created only using natural products, you can be assured that they are all kind to skin.

Palm Oil Free Handmade Soaps

All of our soaps are natural, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. They contain no palm oil, artificial fragrances or colourants and the formulations used have been certificated and registered.

Our range of natural handmade soaps are excellent cleansers, naturally anti-bacterial and contain naturally occurring glycerine that gives them added moisturise.

Our natural, detergent-free products, still have a high cleaning quality but are kind to your skin.

We wanted to manufacture natural handmade soaps which are excellent cleansers, naturally anti-bacterial and contain naturally occurring glycerine that will moisturise.

See for yourselves by trying our products – you won’t be disappointed!


The glycerine develops through the 6-week natural saponification process which we allow for all of our soaps.

All our products are handmade, suitable for sensitive skin and have no harmful additives.

Only Recyclable Materials Used for Packaging

All our products are crafted from start to finish by hand on our farm in Wales.

We package all our natural soap & skincare products using recycled materials, re-usable containers and compostable packaging.

Detergent Free Soap

After spending 20+ years in the chemical manufacturing industry I am very much aware of heightened consumer concern about the possible side effects of synthetic additives & detergents on the skin. 

Consumers are looking to move away from the use of preservatives and detergents that are part of commercial soap making which can irritate skin, leaving it feeling dry, tight and moistureless.

Commercial soaps tend to be lab-engineered with chemical additives. These detergents in fact, are mostly made with petroleum by-products.

Detergents have increased cleaning power and are good at removing oil, like washing up liquid and degreasers, but is not desirable or healthy to the skin.

Commercial synthetic soaps do not go through the saponification process and do not form the natural glycerin that is found in cold processed natural soaps and which give them their naturally moisturising properties.

Often soap manufacturers rely heavily on palm oil through commonly found synthetic additives in their products. We do not use any palm oil but only naturally occurring butters and oils.

Synthetic detergents have a negative impact on marine life and our environment. Natural soaps using natural products from nature do not.


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