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    Frequently Asked Question!

    All of our soaps are individually made in small batches. We weigh and mix all of the ingredients by hand.

    Once the soap begins to set, the different bars and wedges are each cut one at a time by hand.

    Because our soaps are all individually produced in small batches each bar has it’s own unique appearance.

    Our soaps only contain the natural oils and fragrances that are necessary to the simple soap making techniques that we use. This will not always result in the perfect looking bar of soap that many of us are used to. It will result in pure natural hydrating and moisturising soaps.

    Here at the skincareBOOtique we really care about the environment. The world is a beautiful place and we want to help keep it that way. 

    skincareBOOtique have been awarded the Green Growth Pledge badge by Business Wales.

    We use natural ingredients to create our soaps. The best way to answer the question is to invite you to look at our ingredients list. 

    We do not use any palm oil.

    None of our ingredients are tested on animals.

    The 6 week saponification process that we use for our soaps produces naturally occurring glycerin.

    The boxes that our soaps are sent in are compostable, or recyclable. The packing for the soaps is all recycled and we would ask that you recycle it once you have received your soaps. 

    After each small batch of soap has been hand crafted, poured into moulds, allowed to set, and then individually cut, the entire batch is left to saponify for at least 6 weeks. 

    This is soda ash. It is a naturally occuring by product of the saponification process. It takes place because we only use natural ingredients to produce the soaps.

    It can be avoided by the use of chemical additives, but as it is completely harmless and does not detract from the pure cleansing, and moisturising qualities of the soap, we choose to leave it.



    Soap is considered a cosmetic product and is subject to cosmetics regualtions.

    All of the skincareBOOtique’s soap recipes have been rigorously tested by a recognised and independent laboratory and  certified by them for cosmetic use.

    Each recipe has been given a unique CPNR by the UK Government.

    The SkincareBOOtique is a member of the Guild of  Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers.

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