Cosmetic Safety Assessment

Cosmetic Safety Assessment and The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers

The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers (GCSTM) is a non-commercial peer support network which provides information and guidelines about handcrafted soap crafting and the EU legislation that regulates the cosmetics and toiletries industry.

Cosmetics sellers, including the full range of soap and/or bath & body products, need to have product safety assessments in place before they can legally be placed on the market.

A major reason for the existence of the Guild is to raise awareness of the Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations.

The legislation sets standards. It aims to ensure that every ingredient in hand-crafted soap and toiletry products is safe to use. All skincareBOOtique creations undergo rigorous independent cosmetic safety assessment testing and gain approval before we even begin to manufacture the soap batches.

Some ingredients are banned because they’ve been found by scientific testing to be potentially harmful.

Other products are banned or restricted because they are potential allergens.

The aim of the legislation is to protect the general public and the craft soap and toiletry maker.

At skincareBOOtique we ensure that all of our creations are carefully formulated to provide more than just amazing soaps. We also make sure that our natural handcrafted soaps are palm oil free and plastic free. You can see the full ingredients listings on our shop pages. Our packaging is recycled and compostable.