Caring for the environment whilst caring for ourselves.

We are determined to make Eco friendly soap as kind to the environment as we can to support wildlife and the climate. It is also important to us that our customers can share in this goal.

Eco Friendly Soap that cares for the Environment

That is why we strive to reduce our environmental footprint during the whole process of making our soaps, from the ingredients we choose to the compostable packaging we use.

Eco Friendly Soap Using compostable packaging

We will always look for ways in which we can improve in this area.  The world is a beautiful and diverse place and we must all play our part to protect and support it. 

Wild Bee pollinating a Foxglove

One of our first investments was in a small apiary, which we will develop over time.

The honey and wax produced by the bees will eventually contribute to our range of eco friendly soaps. At the same time, and in a small way, they will help us to reduce packaging and transport as we will not be buying in the ingredients.  

The bees will also help with the pollination of  wildflowers, grasses, and trees as well as garden plants, fruit, and vegetables around the area.

We will be deliberately maintaining this as a small apiary to allow plenty of resources for the wild bees that are so important, and such a joy to watch.

skincareBOOtique has also been able to set aside an area of land to ‘rewild’. It has been incredible to see just how quickly nature begins to take over. From being a paddock used for grazing sheep, we have quickly seen changes in the area.

In excess of thirty trees have self seeded and produced small saplings, mainly oak and beech.

We have seen a hare in the field, and now regularly see a kestrel hunting above it, whilst the thistles provide a very real attraction to bees and other insects.


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