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Glossary of our Handmade Soaps

We want to give you a glossary of our handmade soaps, the natural ingredients and to understand the benefits of using SkincareBOOtique soaps & skincare.

Glossary of our handmade soaps terminology.

To help you know more about our natural soap bars & skincare product, we have produced a glossary of our handmade soaps terminology.

Our range of natural handmade soaps are excellent cleansers, naturally anti-bacterial and contain naturally occurring glycerine that gives them added moisturise.


Castile soap is made from vegetable oil rather than a tallow. It is cruelty-free and completely biodegradable.
It’s also okay for vegans too! It originated in Spain’s Castile region where it was made from olive oil, the same as our product is!


No palm oil is used in any of our products.


Sodium laurylether sulfate V SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate(well know skin and eye irritants). Very crudely lauric acid is processed into SLS by the addition of sulphuric acid.

It strips skin of its natural oils which causes dry skin irritation and often can trigger allergic reactions.

Repeated use can cause the skin to become oilier as it tries to replenish lost natural oils.

If your commercial soap is a cleanser, a wash, a gel and any other name but soap then it is not soap and is probably a detergent.

Many well know body cleansers both liquid and solid are commercially produced synthetic detergents.


The saponification reaction between the oils and fats by the alkali releases natural glycerin through the process within the natural soap unless there have been extreme temperature issues.
Natural soap will therefore contain glycerin which helps to moisturise the skin.


Our soaps contain no parabens which are used as a preservative and to extend shelf life.


Found in antibacterial soaps and alters the hormone product of animal – banned in some countries.


Synthetic detergent


Emulsifier(An emulsifier is a surfactant that stablises emulsions) – A cheap stabiliser in plastics


Synthetic detergent – Skin irritant


Used to decrease water hardness – Skin irritant


Biocide used in bactericidal hand washes.
To be effective, they should be tested against bacteria to BSEN1276/99.999% or virus BS EN1447699.99% with a realistic contact time of under 1 minute and should not be effective if has to be used neat.
Generally 1-5 minute contact time which is not workable for a hand wash Must be independently tested under UKAS accredited laboratories to claim effectiveness under the Biocides Regulation
to claim test data and log reductions.


Handmade natural soaps use materials naturally found in nature.


The natural process of soap making entails a chemical reaction between the oils and fats by an alkali which is called saponification. There is also a further curing period once the soap has hardened

We only create detergent free soap. With all our products being created only using natural products, you can be assured that they are all kind to skin.

Handmade in Wales

Our entire range of products is handmade in Wales from start to finish on the SkincareBootique farm.

No Palm Oils

We don’t use palm oil in any of our products. We never have, and we never will.

No Animal Testing

All SkincareBootique products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

No Plastic

Every item is packaged using recycled materials and compostable packaging so you can feel good about your choices.

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