Handmade & Made in Wales

All our handmade soaps & skincare products are developed and handmade in our home in Wales using only natural ingredients with no palm oil or artificial fragrances.

Eco Friendly Soaps Handmade Made in Wales Skincarebootique

Our home, Lower Varchoel Farm, lies in a beautiful part of the Welsh countryside in Mid Wales and is surrounded by stunning scenery and wonderful people.

We are a family with strong environmental principles and believe in doing all we can to help sustainability in our beautiful country of Wales.

We have a large garden where we grow our own fruit & vegetables, and where our bees buzz around our bee hives.

We often look for products that are made in Wales or close to where we live.

We have been making our own soaps & skincare products in Wales for a number of years and during lockdown, we decided to pursue our love of natural products and turn it into a business that the whole family can be involved in.

Made in Wales - Homemade soaps & skincare


Traditionally Handmade in Wales

Hand Made in Wales 3 Natural Organic Soaps
Natural Organic Soaps Handmade Soaps Made in Wales
Made in Wales Handmade Lavender soap Natural Organic Soaps

We follow the traditional cold process method to hand make all our soaps.

This is not a quick method and we don’t rush our process, each batch is carefully handmade then stored to allow a minimum of 6 weeks to cure, ensuring that each bar fully develops the benefits that natural soaps bring.

This meticulous process results in effortless cleansing and moisturising properties from our handmade soaps.

Environmentally Friendly Soap Packaging

Eco friendly handmade soaps made in wales packaging

We pride ourselves on using 100% plastic free packaging!

. . .  from our compostable boxes

 . . .  to our shredded waste paper to protect during transit

 . . . . . . .  to the wrapping of the parcels we post

We don’t use even a dot of plastic!

Eco Friendly Handmade Soap Packaging

Sustainably Made in Wales & Cruelty Free

Handmade soaps cruelty free skincarebootique

SkincareBootique is a cruelty free company, we never test on animals or use any ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Kind to Your Skin & the Environment

All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients including essential oils that are specially chosen for their restorative and therapeutic properties


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