Natural Soap and Skincare


Why use natural soaps?

It is helpful when deciding which product to buy to understand a little about soap and it’s use. Using natural soap & skincare products is as kind to your skin as it is to the environment. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and it protects us from our surroundings and our environment.

The oily layer that protects our skin is called the sebum which functions to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Here at skincarebootique we think that it is amazing at doing its job!

Our natural handmade soaps are manufactured to have a pH of approximately 9 when they are used. The pH scale measures acidity and alkalinity from pH 1 is very acidic to pH 14 which is very alkaline. (Lemon is acidic and milk is alkaline) pH 7-8 is considered neutral.

The PH of our skin generally sits  between 5-7 but this will vary from person to person.

Natural soap should be slightly alkaline to cleanse and remove unwanted oils

When we use soap to wash our skin, it’s pH is important because we don’t want to use products that are too alkaline or acidic.

The soap should be slightly above neutral to lift the dirt away and cleanse. Thus allowing the sebum to replace the oils and so the cycle continues.


Natural Soap & Skincare handmade in Wales

Potted history of soapmaking

 Sapo is Latin for Soap

Our handmade soap has changed very little from the ancient soap making traditions. Soap was used by the Romans, and in Pompeii an entire soap factory was found in the rubble.

Soap was not originally made for personal hygiene but for its medicinal purposes and remained largely a very expensive industry up until the First World War.

During WW1 there was a shortage of animal, vegetable fats and oils and so the detergent was invented using synthetic surfactants from the petrochemical industry. 

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