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Many bacteria/pathogens are neutrophiles which means they will develop best at a neutral pH.
Natural handmade soap has a pH of 9 or more and are naturally good at disrupting bacterial
multiplication. (not alkaliphiles which thrive in alkaline conditions)

Coronavirus is an enveloped virus and the layers making up these layers are kind of tadpole
shaped. and its hydrophilic heads (water loving)are very good at sticking to your hands. We
then touch our infected eyes, mouth or nose with our hands and help the virus to spread.
If you have oil on your hands and wash them the oil is not removed easily, add soap and it is
removed easily. As the soap molecules are very similar to those of the outer layers of the virus
the molecules in the lipid layer of the virus are strongly attracted to the soap as they are to each
other. This disrupts the shell around the virus which enables it to be washed away during the
handwashing process.

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SkincareBOOtique met a fellow supporter of Bees this morning at Oswestry market. Fred is a lifelong Brentford FC fan (the BEEs) and they made a successful return to top flight football last night, 13.8.21.

At SkincareBOOtique we are Arsenal fans, unfortunately the team that Brentford beat. We thought we would be safe from any reminders of the score this far from West London!

Still we both support  Bees of one kind or another, and our Bee and bug soaps seemed to be very popular today.Bee Soap bar 20210814 091710 edited

Thanks to all of our customers, and congratulations to Brentford FC and Fred.


skincareBOOtique will be bringing their handmade soaps to Oswestry Market on Saturday 14th August. All of the soaps are handcrafted in Wales using simple and natural techniques and recipes. Juniper, Bergamot, Lemon and Honey, Neroli and other soaps available.

Support your town centre and local business.

Juniper and sea salt salt handmade in Wales, by a local business

Here at the skincareBOOtique we are so proud of being recognised as a  disability confident commited business. . It is really important to us that as our business grows we give something back. No matter how big or small, whether we act as individuals or as joint enterprises, we all have a role to play in making the world a better place for all.

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skincareBOOtique is supporting British Heart Foundation, DiABETES UK, and Cancer Research UK at the Tesco Charity Craft Fair, Mill Lane, Welshpool.  2nd – 4th July.

Come and lend your support also.

We will be there with a stall selling our complete range of natural, hand crafted soaps.

Peppermint Olive Oil Soap

Peppermint Olive Oil Soap


Oswestry Market 15th May

May? May? Forget May and make it a definite.

SkincareBOOtique will be at Oswestry Market with a fantastic range of hand crafted, environmentally friendly ( not to mention very desirable ) soaps this Saturday.

Oswestry Craft Market  30th April.

Come and see us at our stall where we will be displaying and selling our unique artisan soaps. There will be a variety of products and a chance to find out a little more about the benefits of using additive free soaps.

Bundle packs now available

Mix and Match the soaps of your choice to create a customised gift box, or just to pamper yourself with your very own favorites.

New Almond soap

A rich creamy lather to leave you feeling that extra bit special.

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