Plastic Free, Sisal Shaving Brush


100% plastic free vegan shaving brush


The traditional wet shaving experience has been around since the 1800s and it’s still the best way to obtain a superb shave every time. If you’re not familiar already then it’s time to get involved!

This unique shaving brush uses grass-based bristles and offers a great alternative to badger or boar hair shaving brushes. It’s still a high-quality shaving brush and enables you to obtain a superb lather on your face whilst massaging the skin to vastly reduce irritation, providing an altogether superior shave.

A Unique Plastic-Free Shaving Brush That’s 100% Vegan

This shaving brush combines a 100% wooden plastic-free construction with grass-based sisal bristles to offer one of the most ethically sensitive eco-friendly shaving brushes anywhere on the market.

Most shaving brushes still typically use badger or boar hair for their bristles. The badger and boar hair industries have been comprehensively exposed for their cruel practices and hurt towards animals.

It’s time to break away from unethically constructed products and opt for environmentally sound eco-friendly alternatives. Clear Confidence has worked hard to create a plastic-free cruelty-free shaving brush and we’re proud of the result!


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