Sisal Soap Bag


Our sisal soap bag is made with natural fibres and is a perfect eco-friendly showering accesory.

  • Great for exfoliation
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Made with natural fibres
  • Eco-friendly solution for using soap in the shower
  • Machine washable

Sisal Soap Bag

Our sisal soap bag is an eco-friendly soap bag and perfect for use in the shower & bath.

Just place your soap in the sisal bag to use in the shower or bath for great cleansing and exfoliating.

Our soap sisal bags are also perfect for stopping the soap from slipping out of your hands in the shower and can be hung up with the handy loop.

The woven pattern encourages increased lathering and foaminess for effective cleansing and is great for exfoliation and increases blood circulation.

They can be easily stored with the drawstring, just hang them over any hooks in the bathroom, ready for the next day.

Another wonderful benefit is as a soap saver. When soap bars get very small, you can pop a few in together to make sure every last bit of you soap bar is used!

Sisal Soap Bag With Drawstring

These soap saver bags have a drawstring and wooden bead to secure your soap

Measuring 13cm by 9cm, they are a perfect fit for our handmade soaps and are machine washable

This eco-friendly bath & shower accessory is perfect when combined with our natural, homemade soaps in the shower & bath.



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